Since inception WCE has a dedication to deliver high quality. To maintain this we do follow certain methodology for our projects. The key target of this methodology is to deliver cost effective right product in right time using right technology which brings 100% client satisfaction. Here are certain features of our process as follows.

The requirement:
We follow repetitive approach to capture the requirements for our projects. Until needs and necessities are not clear generating high quality is not feasible. Our repetitive approach help our customers to define their requirement to the point and precise in nature.

Once we collect the requirement details our team starts working upon that to create the ideas for the solution. We utilize brainstorming sessions to generate the outlines of the solution, give it a proper shape and define the benefits of it. We also define the feasibility study and estimations during this course. Depending upon necessity and clients confirmation we generate vary basic prototype of the solution. All together we presented it to our clients to understand how they will get benefit form the proposed solution. Upon approval we proceed towards the next steps.

In the first step of our development we define the deliverables and deadlines for them. We start with proper scheduling and deploying proper resource for them. We strictly follow the generation of status report and communicate it to the client. We utilize our own comprehensive bug management system to make the deliverables more accurate. We maintain a very strong knowledge base, which reduce the time of solving from most common problems to complex ones.

Review & Deployment:
We follow the process of QC in each stage of development. The whole project is review by the management stuffs time to time to maintain the quality of it. Frequent interaction with the client and their feedback help us to achieve our goal. Upon completion of development we go for final review. Depending upon necessity we apply required modification to give the solution final shape. Once we get the green signal form our client we deploy the solution within calculated time.

The methodology we follow for our projects has been proven success for many times. Let us prove it once more for you. Send us query to start working for you.


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